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District 7430 Features Kutztown Potato Project

West Point Senior Talk is Cancelled

Note the special section: What we should know about District 7430

Facebook November 12, 2017
To Friends and Members of the Kutztown Rotary Club.

Nov. 15: Kutztown Rotary Charitable Foundation Dinner Banner

Each November, the Kutztown Rotary Foundation presents checks to representatives from local charities at the special Kutztown Rotary Foundation Dinner. The Foundation presents donations from the Kutztown Rotary Club to local 501(c)(3) charities. Rotarians applaud the charities that receive support from the Foundation for their service to our community. Foundation funding comes primarily from the Donald L. Boyer Kutztown Rotary Golf Classic and from the Taste of Kutztown.

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Club Calendar:

November 2017

15 Nov - Foundation Dinner
18 Nov - Saturday: West Point Senior Talk is Cancelled
22 Nov - NOT AT TAVERN - no meeting
29 Nov - Walter J. Skavinsky - Vietnam Era Ham Radios

December 2017

05 Dec - Tuesday, Area 3 Holiday Party at Blind Hartmans
06 Dec - Student of the Month / Board Meets

13 Dec - Nursing Home Visit
20 Dec - Holiday Gift Exchange
27 Dec - NOT AT TAVERN - no meeting

To see the complete Program Schedule for 2017-18, go to http:// kutztownrotary . org/home . php#anchorCAL

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Club News:

District 7430, Foundation, Ham, Party, Students, Schedule


Support Rotary Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

If you would like to help Kutztown Rotary raise funds for Hurricane Harvey Relief, send your tax-deductible donation to "Kutztown Rotary Charitable Foundation" with a memo, "Hurricane Harvey". Send this donation to

Kutztown Rotary Charitable Foundation
P.O. Box 127
Kutztown, PA 19530

Kutztown Rotary is collecting funds to assist Rotary efforts in the disaster zone. Rotary clubs along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, USA, are collecting emergency relief funds to help flood victims of Hurricane Harvey, which slammed into southeast Texas over the weekend.

Severe rainfall has caused historic flooding along the Texas coast, including in Houston, the fourth largest city by population in the United States. Deluged towns in the region are in desperate need of aid as thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes. About 6.8 million people have been affected by the hurricane, which made landfall on 25 August. "We know that a disaster of this magnitude will require our financial assistance for months into the future," says District 5930 Governor Betty Ramirez-Lara. "Our disaster relief committee will provide support where we believe it can best be used."

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Nov. 29: Walter J. Skavinsky - Vietnam Era Ham Radios Ham

Corporal Walter J. Skavinsky of the Kutztown Police Department will present a program on Vietnam Era Ham Radios. Walter, KB3SBC, is Secretary of the Education Alliance of the Amateur Radio Relay League. As an amateur radio operator, he traveled to ten states and DC driving over 9,000 miles in a project, AARL National Parks on the Air, which helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. He enjoys collecting and operating military radios. There is nothing like the look he gets when he sets up in a local park, pulling out 25 pounds of painted green aluminum and hanging an antenna. Most people are curious the rest want to call 911. 

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Tuesday, Dec. 5: Area 3 Holiday Part at Blind Hartman's Tavern

Blind Hartman's is named after Jacob Hartman who was blind and founded the tavern in 1823. This historic venue will host the Rotary Clubs of Area 3 which are joining together to have a Joint Holiday Party. Each club is contributing. Kutztown Rotary is providing the table decorations. The cost will be $25 for a buffet meal and entertainment. Blind Hartman's is located in Temple at 2910 Pricetown Road, between Skyline Drive and Elizabeth Avenue.

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Dec. 6: Student of The Month

Each month the Kutztown Rotary Club recognizes one outstanding student each from Kutztown Area High School and Brandywine Heights Area High School. These students are selected by their school administrators and are often picked for significant improvement or overcoming challenges, accomplishments in academics, school participation, and community contributions. These students never fail to impress Rotarians with their positive impact on our community. Their parents and representatives from the school are always welcome.

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What we should know about District 7430

Rotary Districts are charged with setting up a structure that forms new clubs, help recruit new members, provides training for club officers and members, oversees the Rotary youth exchange program, and administers the portion of the Rotary Foundation money that come back to the District. The District is headed up by a District Governor, and is run by committees, most headed by past District Governors. District 7430 covers 5 counties: Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton. Here are more details.

District Conference: http:// rotarydistrict7430 . org/event/rotary-district-7430-conference/
The District Conference is an annual convention usually held over a weekend at a nearby resort. It has many educational forums, but the best part is the International banquet hosted by the foreign exchange students.

Rotary Youth Exchange: http:// www.rotary7430yep . org/
The district manages the Rotary Youth Exchange program in our district. They process all of the paperwork for both the incoming and outgoing exchange students and then have great monthly programs for the incoming exchange students and training for the outgoing exchange students.

Rotary Leadership Institute: http:// www.rotarydistrict7430 . org/Event/06068b6f-eb46-4381-b318-7e3131eac45b
RLI is an educational program for all Rotarians. It has sessions on what Rotary is and training for all position in Rotary. It has many programs on improving club efforts. RLI is September 16, 2017, at DeSales University, in Center Valley, PA.

President Elect Training: http:/ /rotarydistrict7430 . org/event/f4d952d1-9104-479b-b8b1-9b6800db87bb/
PETS training is mandatory for all incoming club presidents and is open to people who are thinking about becoming a club president. It usually consists of 4 sessions ranging from 1 day to 2 days.

District Training Assembly: http:// rotarydistrict7430 . org/event/f4d952d1-9104-479b-b8b1-9b6800db87bb/
This is a 1-day session. There are sessions on all avenues of Rotary and it is recommended Presidents Elect bring their club officers, committee chairs to learn both what's new and how best to implement this for success in their club.

District Grants: http:// www.rotarydistrict7430 . org/SitePage/district-grant
District Grants are based upon Rotary Foundation Annual Fund donations 3 years prior. They are used to fund project to address need in our community as well as communities abroad. The Rotary Foundation seminar is November 4, 2017, at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA.

Special Events: http:// rotarydistrict7430 . org/Events/Calendar
District 7430 runs special events to benefit the Rotary Foundation and other great causes.

Rotary UN Day is November 12, 2017. http:// rotarydistrict7430 . org/event/rotary-un-day/

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Free Background Checks are REQUIRED for any Rotarian driving or helping out our Exchange Student. For more see Background Checks.

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